Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Raya Oh Raya...

It's been ages. I have been busy with Ramadan and Raya preparations. Alhamdulillah Aiman and Adib completed the whole month of fasting. And most excitingly is having my two girls back from Alor Setar, Kedah and Kuantan, Pahang Malaysia. Due to H1N1 we were not sure whether to book their tickets back to Brunei. But not having one of us during Raya festival is something very very incomplete. Alhamdulillah, finally they are back for Raya. Last year, both of them were in Tanjong Malim with their Nenek, aunties, uncles and cousins. Poor babies. =(

We enjoyed our Raya even though this year we did not "balik kampung". We had our open house on the 4th day of Raya. The first wave was amongst my colleagues and Najwa's friends. The second wave was much more bigger and tiring. We had to borrow Pengiran Babu's (Cal's mom-in-law) giant pots to prepare the dishes. Nasi Tebu is this year special menu. We also had chicken curry, sweet sour fish, acar and rendang etc.. etc.. to syncronize with the Nasi Tebu. Thanks Babu for the pots. Thanks to Mr Jawed for the recipe. We hosted the second open house after our close friends came back from their hometowns to Brunei. It's nice to be together again. =)


mocQachinno said...

an update at last.hehe~
tgk gamba raya terasa nk balek je lg.x puas balek 2 mggu je. nk balek lg.

Ka Ann Nor Raihan said...

Jom aarrr balik.. kami balik next month untuk beraya aidil adha bersama nenda tercenta. Cya in Kuantan. We plan to go to the Waterworld, best tak eQa?

mocQachinno said...

eqa x pegi lg waterworld aritu tgk mcm best gk.mai ceq mai!

Anonymous said...

Miss your entry, Aunt!!

Thats great you could see your babies often. I miss my mom!! :'(