Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hj Omar Has Gone Back For Good. -25th February 2009

I have known him for almost nine years. Ever since he came to my office selling Brunei traditional cakes such as katilapam (apam), jelurut, curry puff, cakoi, kacang kuda, steamed sweet corn, nasi lemak, hati buyah (paru goreng) etc.

I will buy at least a dollar a day from him. Well, not sure if I'm obligated or feel pitiful for him. But I just like to see him at the staircase while he displaying his stuff. Sometimes we chat. He rides on a bicycle everyday with his "kuih-muih" in the box at the back of his bicycle. Has been in Brunei for more than 40 years, hehe about my age! He started selling in Kampung Ayer, the native at that time.

He is 63 this year, but when I asked my colleagues they roughly guesstimated he is around 40-50 plus. Why? Because he doesn't look that old to us. I told my colleagues, "Guys, the moral is, sell our car and buy a BICYCLE!" We even make jokes with him to advertise in Yellow Pages. Haha! That was Azmi several years ago asking to advertise. He will just laugh and smile. Ah Tiong even offered him Yellow Pages' bag for him to carry along. I asked EL to sell his car and buy bicycle instead, to look younger than our age, but he said, "Ka Ann tah saja dulu" Funny! We laughed out loud once.

I remember when I was carrying Adib in 2002, I will look forward for him coz I'm craving for the "apam" and sometimes "kacang kuda" coz he was like "macam-macam ada"... and when I gave birth to Adib, my friend said Adib has his skin.. hihi.. no offence but I told them "kenan kali aa.." in Brunei language.

A night before he went back for good to India on the 5th of February 2009, we invited him for a dinner at home. He was so happy and felt sorry at the same time because he couldn't make it to our Open House during Hari Raya. He was just like a father and he reminds me of my father as well. You will be missed Hj Omar, by me and your customers in Brunei!
May Allah be with you always!


Anonymous said...

Wahhh... Really? I could look younger riding bicycle instead of car?? If so, I am so on the wayyyy! Hehehehe.

Pelan-pelan kayuhhh... :p

Ka Ann Nor Raihan said...

Exactly darling. You are, in fact slimmer than before and look youthful too.. huhu.. way to go dear!

Kayuh jangan tak kayuh!

Sengal Ubi said...

Salam Eqa's mama. Thanks for your wish on our Fiesta Teater Senandika completion. It's good to have people in Brunei supporting us.

When are we coming to Brunei? Perhaps you can invite us to perform there. We can always work on the tickets. lodging and stuffs.

Again, thanks for your support maam!



Basikal Jepun said...

Renduuuuuuuu all of ya!

Ka Ann Nor Raihan said...

Hi Amir, sorry for the late update and reply. Insya Allah if you guys are serious, why not? The best time is in July, His Majesty's Birthday.
Mama will try to promote, Insya Allah. I hope it's still not too late to perform huh? Anyway, kudos to all of you for the success in theater though I haven't watch them yet. You guys have talent. Go for it. Take care.


Basikal Jepun... Yin ke tu? Rindu you all jugak.