Thursday, November 20, 2008

Welcome back Princesses. WaWa 's ticket has been booked months ago before her school holiday. eQa decided to rehearse for her theater in December, so she is not coming back this semester. :( Miss you already. So WaWa is confirmed coming back to Brunei. Last minute, eQa messaged me saying that her theater had been postponed to a later date and she thought of coming back! Alhamdulillah.. I was so glad to hear that and quickly booked her ticket. The best part is Papa was still in Pakistan when she decided to come back and we planned to surprise him! The transit took few hours in KLIA and eQa met Papa there with Mak Uda and Maya. He missed eQa so much! Hugged her and kissed her good bye... and still not knowing that eQa is coming back. Poor Papa. When he arrived Brunei he told me that he was overjoyed because he met eQa. We were like oopss.. Papa shouldn't have known that she is coming back. We tried so hard to zip our mouth. Back in Brunei, we were so excited for WaWa's arrival. Everyone was ready at the airport. The flight was a bit delay. Papa cleared his work earlier than usual, just to wait for his Princess, Najwa/WaWa. The moment of truth: Instead of one Princess arrived at the airport, there were two of them! Can't imagine how Papa looks like when he first saw WaWa and eQa! Haha.. Sorry Pa. But he was so shock and happy at the same time. Exchanged hugs with my Princesses and said "how dare you cheated me.." hihi. :D Now that all of us in the family, we planned to go to Kota Kinabalu next week. Kinabalu Pine Resorts, here we come. :)