Sunday, October 16, 2011

Adib and the moon.

15/10/11 Story #1

His temperature touched 38 degree and he is not feeling well.. cranky as usual if he was not in the mood.

Adib: " Mama, please tell dad that I'm sick" - Papa was in the office that night.
Me: "Ok, OK" and i called Papa to tell him about Adib.

The next day we took him to Kg Bunut Clinic.. after long hours of waiting we were starving and had lunch at the Sumbangsih Mulia.. Adib was really not in his mood.. nagging to go back.

When he was 3 years old, he barked to the moon.. "Aufffff..." the usual long bark from a werewolf!
erm that was strange..

This morning, he asked :

Adib: am i an animal?

me: why? u don't look like an animal to me..

adib: i think i am a werewolf..

tekezut mak!! =O

  • my conversation with Nina Suria
  • Nor Raihan ni.. baru sat ni.. dia tanya lagi: do u

    know why werewolf barks to the moon?

    me: i dunno, u tell me..

    adib: becoz, they don't have telephones,that's why

    they use their vocals.. lols!

    "psst" dia marah i cerita pasal dia kat u.. mom! this

    is annoying, you spoil my reputation!

  • Nina Suria sah adib demam kak ann :D

    terbayang jelingan maut adib bila marah,

    pesan pada dier, u look so kiut *kelip2 mata

    lentik minnie mouse*

  • Nor Raihan he said TQ very much hihihi...*tak marah

    dah* =D

  • Thanks Nina for sharing this photo.. =D nyte2


    story # 2

    just before azan he was laying on my bed

    mumbling that he was so bored.. i was using the

    computer at that time.. so he cannot enjoy his time

    on the PC. Suddenly he asked me,

    Adib: "Mama what will you do if you have a lots
    and lots of money?"

    Me: Well I will perform my Hajj and travel all over

    the world.

    Adib: Half of my money, I will use them to buy

    things that i really like and the other half.. I will

    use it for sedekah!

    Me: Amused... erm how could I not think of that!


    Insya Allah, Mama doakan Adib jadi anak yang

    soleh dan beriman.. that goes to you too eQa,

    Wawa, AA and Aiman.. Amin.


Nina Suria said...

ooooo so sweeettttt Adib. Sejuk perut mak mengandung. Moga jadi anak yang soleh :)

I added cool smileys to this message... if you don't see them go to:

Ka Ann Nor Raihan said...

Insya Allah Nina Suria.. mudah-mudahan Allah makbulkan doa.. Amin =)

Ka Ann Nor Raihan said...

Insya Allah Nina Suria.. mudah-mudahan Allah makbulkan doa.. Amin =)